Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Car Protection Guide - A Guide To Car Care Over Winter

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Winter Car Protection Guide

During the winter months your car has to endure some harsh environmental factors. Everything can be affected here from your plastic trims to your paintwork and wheels so it's well worth getting prepared now before the harsh weather comes.

We have prepared this guide to help you look after and protect your car during winter with the use of some excellent products, let's start with the paintwork.

Paintwork Protection

This is one of the most important steps and the one you must focus on. We all know what winter is like, gritters, rain and snow which means our cars get covered in salt. This can damage your paintwork and its best to lay some protection down to form a barrier against the harsh elements. You want to start doing this now.

Now of course you want to wash your car in the normal way, depending on how it looks you may want to polish it. Then to move onto protecting it, and there is a few ways of doing this.

Traditional carnauba based car waxes do not hold up in harsh winter conditions so alternatively you could lay down a paint sealant and leave it at that. Or you could additionally add a wax on top of the sealant to add further protection and there is no other wax better at the job than Collinite Car Wax. Your cars paintwork will now be well protected, we will talk about maintenance washing later.

We recommend   rel=nofollow [http://www.shopnshine.co.uk/poorboys-ex-p-sealant]Poorboys World - EX-P as a good paint sealant.

Wheels and Tyres

Your alloy wheels are a very valuable part of your car and detrimental to the overall appearance, with these being so close to the road surface you most certainly want to look after these also. Salt attacks wheels, painted, polished, diamond cut whatever they are all prone to damage over winter. We recommend if possible to remove each wheel and clean thoroughly, with either a shampoo or a strong wheel cleaner then give them a good rinse, dry them and then apply a wheel sealant like Chemical Guys - Wheel Guard. This will add a layer of protection to your wheels also.

Tyres benefit from a little protection to stop the rubber deteriorating a dressing with UV protection is recommended like Poorboys - Trim Restorer. Allow to soak in for several minutes before wiping any excess off.

Exterior Plastics

Plastic bumpers, trim, vinyls and rubbers also benefit from a little protection over the winter months, the extreme temperatures and the suns UV radiation can cause fading, cracking and hardening so it's a good idea to spend a little time here too. Application of 303 Aerospace Protectant will leave your plastic bumpers, trims and rubbers not only looking good but protected against the elements and with a layer of UV protection.

How to maintain

You have worked hard to protect your car and you want to keep it that way, it's best to keep your car as clean as possible during winter and not to slack off. Ensure you give your car a good rinse to remove as much dirt and grime as possible then proceed to wash with a good pH neutral car shampoo. This will ensure it will not strip or remove any sealants or waxes you have applied. Pay attention to the wheels when washing as you want to remove any road salts and other contaminates.
Follow this guide and your car will remain well protected over winter.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

What You Need to Wash A Car

Car Wash!! to be continued...
By Paul Townsen

Part of being a responsible car owner is making sure that your car is kept as clean and nice-looking as possible. To do this, most people just take their car through an automated car wash. However, if you want your car to look its very best, consider washing it at home. When you take care of your car at home, you'll save money and give your car the careful attention it deserves. Taking good care of your car can prolong its life and keep it running - and looking - great for years to come.

Gone are the days of spraying your car with the garden hose. Today, you have home car washing options that your parents and grandparents couldn't have dreamed of. This means that you can have the cleanest car possible, but you may be intimidated by range of products available. What's the difference between different wipes? Is one kind of car wax better than another? Are all those sprays and cleaners really necessary? Let's demystify some of the products you can choose from.

You'll first want to find a soap that's specially formulated to be used on vehicles. These soaps have been created with vehicle finishes in mind, so there's no chance that the paint job or after-market finishes will be damaged during washing. The soap's packaging may provide some suggestions about the kind of wipes that work best with that particular product. If this is the case, let those suggestions guide your selection.

If there is no suggestion, try to steer clear of paper towels and other paper-based products. No matter how soft a paper towel feels, minute wood particles can scratch sensitive surfaces. Since the paint on your car protects the metal body from developing problems like rust spots, steer clear of paper products. Instead, use an old bath towel, but make sure it's completely clean. All auto supply stores will carry micro fiber towels. These extra-soft towels are very popular among car enthusiasts. Micro fiber towels are made from very fine artificial fibers; when these fibers are packed densely together, a soft fabric results. These are excellent for all stages of washing a car by hand.

You may find some products at your favorite auto parts store that are meant to be added to the water you use to wash your car. Some consumers swear by these products, other feel they aren't necessary. If you're curious, ask the experts at the auto parts store. They'll be able to tell you what these products do and how to use them. Then you can make an informed decision about whether a water additive is right for you or not.

While you're at the auto supply store, be sure to buy car wax. Waxing is an important step in washing a car that some people forget. When you add wax to a clean car, you are giving it a protective coat that looks good and helps preserve the car's exterior. Heat, cold, wind, and rain can gradually erode a car's paint, which leaves the metal underneath exposed and at risk. Once rust sets in, there's no turning back. A simple coat of wax will help keep this from happening.

Depending on what vehicle you have, you may want to use some chrome polish. This will help keep bumpers, wheels, fenders, and metallic accessories shiny and bright.

And finally, the thing that's going to keep your car looking great is car insurance. Without a car insurance policy, you're left paying for damages caused by an accident all by yourself. Get a car insurance quote today!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Townsen

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Ten Most Outrageous Paint Jobs

White may be the most popular car color, but as this year draws to a close, we're reminded of all the strangely-painted rides we've turned up. These ten are the most outrageous.

10.) Lingerie-Themed Mini Clubman
Agent Provacteur is known for its provactive lingerie and its cop-meets-panties paint scheme definitely raised some eyebrows. Or maybe it's because the only photos you can find of it come covered with scantily clad women (click on the pic for more of that).

9.) Volvo Custom Vinyl Wraps
Vinyl wrapping isn't new to cars, but this Europe-only OEM vinyl package for the Volvo C30 is something unique. They come in eight different varieties including rainbow, zebra and woodie.

8.) Trippy Alan Aldridge Mini
The Mini is one of those most popular platforms for custom paint and this version may remind some of a bad, drug-induced dream. That's because it was painted by famed free love-era artist Alan Aldridge.

7.) Matte Black + Gold Tetsu Bentley Continental GTR
Cars that are painted with a gold scheme and cars painted with matte black hoods aren't unique, but the combination of the two on the fastest production Bentley is something altogether different and frightening.

6.) Custom Tequila Sunrise Prius
When you think custom car you'd be forgiven for not immediately picturing a Prius. These guys saw the eco-driver and immediately thought tequilla sunrise!

5.) Gold Leaf Aston Martin
An Aston Martin DB7 covered in gold flake paint would no doubt top any list. Unfortunately, the owner didn't have the scratch or ability to paint the entire car. What remains is just ridiculous.

4.) Snakeskin Citroen Saxo
Yes, you're looking at an econobox Citroen covered in snakeskin. Real snakeskin. What more is there to say?

3.) Swarovski Crystal-Covered Patriotic Mini Cooper
The Swaovrski-covered Benz was classy in a crazy Dubai sort of way. The crystal-covered Mini is just insane. It's an American patriotic version of a British car built by Germans and featured in London. We totally dig the crystal space shutle.

2.) Matte Black Rolls Royce Phantom
The Rolls Royce Phantom is all about bling and flashiness and standing out. What could possibly stand out more than a Phantom that doesn't stand out at all?

1.) Chrome Mercedes McLaren SLR
We've seen chrome on cars, we've seen black chrome on cars and we've even seen all-chrome cars but never did with think someone would have the audacity to make an all-chrome version (including the windshield!) of the ├╝ber-amazing McLaren SLR. In this trim it isn't just blindingly fast, in the right sunlight it is probably actually blinding.

Article and pictures courtesy of jalopnik.com

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts For Anyone Who Has A Car

Cheap, but fun shaped ones can make excellent stocking stuffers.

Buying gifts can be hard, especially for men! Since 99% of men are car lovers and we can't all afford to buy people cars for christmas we figured we come up with some great car gifts that every car lover is sure to enjoy!

Air Fresheners/Fuzzy Dice

Believe it or not, air fresheners make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who drives. Nothing like opening up a little new car smell on Christmas morning!

Car Chargers/Accessories

As cell phone and other mobile devices are becoming more a part of everyday life, their chargers are becoming more standardized. If you have an idea of what kind of phone/music device your giftee has (ie. iPhone vs. Blackberry), you’ll be able to find a car charger that they can plug directly into their lighter.

Car Wash Supplies/Gift Certificates

One Christmas a few years ago my Grandfather gave me coupons for 4 free car washes at the local Canadian Tire. Not only was I happy with it, the other drivers in the family were discussing how handy it was to have those coupons. Sure enough, we now all get a pack of 4 car wash coupons each year from him, and we couldn’t be happier! Who knew such a simple gift would be loved by all around!

Now if you don’t have a car wash nearby that offers these coupons, car wash supplies are the next best thing. My favourite are the protectant wipes for the dash!

Vehicle Detailing

On the topic of cleaning, an interior detailing gift certificate is always a nice thought as well. I personally have thought about having my car detailed a few times, but can’t bring myself to spend that much money on myself. But I would be happy to purchase it for someone else!

Emergency Roadside Kit

Whether you’re dealing with a car lover or a new driver, an emergency roadside kit is always a handy gift. Most include a blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, and other necessities that can be helpful in case of emergency.

A CAA Membership

While a CAA Membership is a fairly costly gift, it does offer more benefits than just roadside assistance. I received my CAA Membership in June of 2008, and beyond the 3 times I’ve called for roadside assistance, I have since used it for discounts on hotels at least 10 times. My CAA membership has been greatly helpful, and I’m glad I’ve had it in case of emergency.

Satellite Radio

This is a great choice for a commuter. If your giftee is always in and out of the car, you can purchase a portable satellite radio that they can listen in their car or through headphones wherever they’d like!

Car Magazines

If your car lover is truly into cars, magazines can be a great source of information for them. You can find many car magazine annual subscriptions available online for great prices!

Car Organizers

For people who are in and out of the car a lot, a car organizer can simplify life immensely! A car organizer allows them to keep things organized and close-by, so there won’t be any digging through the glove compartment while driving!

Heated Seat Covers

Don't even try to imagine the feeling of toasty-warm buns if you've never driven a car with electric seat warmers. For those of us who choose to live in an environment where the thermometer spends half its time in the negatives, having the luxury of seat warmers, is truly a technological blessing!

Article written by Jenn Laz for southdalemotors.com

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Maintain Your Used Car

Cars new or used both need to be looked after with care to keep them fit and performing for long time without trouble. We all know that most popular used cars around the world are Japanese brands. Japan made vehicles are well known for quality and technology. But even they need to be looked after some time or the other. Little care and good handling can keep them going for years without complaint. Some simple car maintenance done yourself can not only enhance the performance of your car but also save you from heavy workshop bills.
Here are some tips for car care yourself that saves money and frequent visits to workshop:
1. Read the User Handbook: Go through the user handbook or manual carefully to now the inside of your car. This will help you detect and solve minor troubles yourself. Keep it handy for reference again.
2. Maintain a Service Record book: This book with details of service dates, change of parts, change of oil, any problems solved at workshop etc. This will help you understand the needs and how to fix the problems with experience.
3. Take Your Car to service station annually: This is important because through checking of every part and fine tuning not only increases performance but assures your safety too. Take your car to your nearest registered service station. At the authorized company outlets, your car will be attended by trained mechanics and there you can easily buy any new part from the workshop without being worried about originality and quality.
4. Oil-Change at regular intervals: - Every brand provide a time/distance bound oil-change schedule, so changing of the engine oil time to time is very important for the engine and the parts of the engine lubricated. The lubrication increases life and saves wastage of fuel and environment too. With every change of the oil, also change the oil filter.
5. Check the Fluid Levels: - For assured high performance and long life of your Japanese used cars, you should keep checking and maintaining fluid levels such as transmission fluids, coolant fluid and fluid level of the battery. Record the change dates in record book and then you can make a schedule yourself to tune your car.
6. Check Tire Pressure and Alignment: - The proper alignment of the wheels and correct pressure of the tires are very essential for the performance and life of the vehicle. They should be checked weekly if possible. If find some imbalance get it fixed to avoid further damage.
7. Check the Brakes: The brake pads of the vehicle should be checked and replace when required. Brakes are one of the most important for safety of the vehicle as well as passengers, so never delay or ignore.
8. Wash your car: Occasionally wash your car with pressure, apply car polish and sparkle it. Vacuum clean the interiors and change the mates if required. The shine on your car will make you feel very happy and cleaning will give you good exercise too.
9. Keep the car in garage if possible: Exterior color and luster of your car will last longer and need less maintenance if it is protected from Sun.
10. Drive with aim to save fuel: This will give you amazing results for sure, great mileage, smooth moving car, with lots of money saved on fuel and workshop bills.
Put on your old casuals and get ready to care for your car yourself. You will have Hamper full of benefits.
.Save fuel .Save money .Save your car .Save the Earth .Gather Happiness.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Honda Jazz To Trigger A Price War

Since its birth in Indian car market Honda India has been flying high on sky due to qualitative cars manufactured by it. Now the latest rumour is that Honda India is expecting to carry the history of its success to new height by launching the modified version of on August 18, 2011. Prior to this with an objective of removing the existing model of from Indian market Honda had surprised the customers by offering the discount of Rs. 1.75 lakh for buying existing model . However in the beginning the existing model did not succeeded in grabbing the eyes of the customers due to its high price, but with launch of New Honda India speculates to receive positive response with the modified New jazz. Besides this there are also rumours that learning from the earlier experience of failure due to high price this time it is contemplated that the could be less than the existing model of Honda jazz in market. That means the New Honda Jaz price will be a competitive element to decide the success of New Honda jazz as the less price is expected to give tough competition to other cars in the hatchback segment like Maruti Swift, Ford Figo, Hyundai i20 and others in the Indian car market.

As pricing is going to be a decisive factor to decide the success of the New jazz it would be important to note the prices offered by the expected contenders of New Honda jazz. Starting with Maruti Swift, unlike Maruti Suzuki India Limited has also announced the launch of New Maruti Swift soon in Indian car market and therefore its prices are yet to be revealed by the company however the price of existing Maruti swift zxi model is concerned it is available with price tag of Rs. 5,38, 226/-, coming towards the Ford Figo petrol lxi model it is available with the price tag of Rs. 3,69,500 /-, whereas shifting towards Hyundai i20 sportz petrol model it is priced at Rs. 5,42,099/-. With all these cars already dominating the Indian car market it would be interesting to see what price strategy Honda adopts for .

Coming towards the additional cosmetics integrated in New jazz, the new integrated surgery include the fresh tail light and headlight designed to meet new front bumpers and black front grille. Apart from this it is rumoured the interiors in the New jazz are also made more comfort and stylish. The dashboard is designed with darker hue supported air ventilators and climate control features. Besides this there is huge array of various distinguished features introduced in New Honda jazz that will definitely help Honda India to successfully relaunch the New jazz in Indian car market and enjoy the same success which it has been enjoying since its inception.

Keep yourself informed on New Honda Jazz and know about your New Volkswagen Jetta At cardekho.com.

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